Technology Sales & Support


local representation

Advanced Classroom Technologies aligns itself with the best brands in education innovation. Our partners are leaders in the education industry and we are proud to include their products in our custom designed classroom solutions. Our local account executives use these brands and their multitude of products to help you design and implement a classroom technology solution that perfectly fits the need of your district, school and most importantly, your teachers. Contact a local representative today.

On Call support staff

Our dedicated support staff have decades of experience in the K-12 education technology integration business. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we do everything we can to serve our client's needs.  Their satisfaction is our main concern that is why we are a reseller that provides an in-house customer support team, trained product demonstrators, certified installers and professional development instructors.

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Certified White Glove Installation

Quality, professional installation is an essential component to any technology deployment. Advanced Classroom Technologies' certified team provides schools with the assurance that their investment will be protected through flawless, professional installation.  Our team of qualified installers can assist districts with interactive whiteboard, projector, audio system, low voltage cabling and many other classroom installation needs.


Professional Development


Instructional success

In our commitment to instructional success, the Advanced Classroom Technologies team includes a Professional Development department dedicated to tailoring programs specific to your district needs. We can help you develop a professional development plan that takes into consideration the needs of your teachers, district support staff, as well as your budget.

online learning modules

Many of our partners provide online training courses that keep our clients up to speed on ever changing learning software. The courses can cover the basics as well as dive deep into the intricacies of lesson planning, exploration and experimentation. Advanced Classroom Technologies can assist districts in finding the right online source material and structuring programs that are the most effective and efficient.

group instructional seminar

From one on one instruction to a full auditorium of eager teachers just as excited to learn to use new educational technology tools as we are to teach them. Advanced Classroom Technologies can create a scalable training program that caters to the size of the district and its growing team. 

individual training program

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world and we strive to make their lives just a little bit easier. Our individual training programs are designed to fit their specific needs and their busy schedules. You can count on Advanced Classroom Technologies to design the right program for each teacher participating.