Empowering today's teachers
with technologies of Tomorrow.


Advanced Classroom Technologies collaborates with education innovators to design and integrate technology solutions in K-12 learning environments.


Our Services

The client focused services that Advanced Classroom Technologies provides showcases our passion for helping teachers integrate technology into their instruction. We understand the importance of technology in education and know the impact it can have on the student learning experience. 

Unsure where to start? Simply contact one of our local account executives and request a consultation. They have the experience and expertise necessary to help you achieve your learning goals through customized technological integration.    


Technology Resale

Advanced Classroom Technologies is aligned with the best brands in education innovation. Our partners are leaders in the industry and we are proud to include their products in our custom designed classroom solutions. For a list of the brands we represent, please visit our partners page or simply click the following link. Our Partners

White Glove Installation

Professional installation is an essential component to any technology deployment. Advanced Classroom Technologies' team of certified installation specialists provides schools with the assurance that their investment in technology will perform to their utmost capacity and be protected for years to come. Every member of our deployment team has been certified by our technology partners as an authorized installer.

Education Consultation

The design and implementation of our classroom technology solutions can only come to fruition through careful consideration of our client's needs. Before integration can begin, we provide consultation focused on the district's innovation goals, school's learning pedagogies, legacy programs and of course overall budgets. 

Professional Development

A powerful tool is useless without a master to wield it, that is why Advanced Classroom Technologies provides professional development for every classroom technology solution we implement. Our professional development team has met the rigorous qualifications necessary to train users on the products we provide. Regardless of whether those products were supplied by ACT or not, we can train you on how to use them.


Request  Service

If you would like to request a specific service, please use the links below. If you are unsure where to start, simply contact one of our local account executives using the 'Schedule A Consultation' button below.


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To schedule an educational consultation or discuss your classroom technology goals, simply complete the form below and a local representative will respond to your inquiry. 

Educator Pricing
& Product Information

If you are interested in a specific product or service, please complete the form below to request information and educator pricing on that or any other product we carry.  

Training & Professional

Contact a professional development specialists to create a training plan for your team of educators. Our local specialists deliver instructional success on a multitude of technologies. 


Our Impact

The impact that Advanced Classroom Technology has on the future rests in the hands of the teachers using our integrated classroom solutions.  Our impact can be seen in the learning achievements of those students whose teachers we have empowered. We provide the tools and the skills while those teachers provide the talent, care, and dedication it takes to prepare their students for the fast-paced, ever changing world of tomorrow.   



thousand schools have integrated our technology solutions enhancing their classrooms with collaborative and engaging learning tools. 



million students nation wide currently use the technologies we provide



Years helping school districts empower their teachers with innovative classroom technologies