Classroom Audio & Video Solutions


Students become more engaged with learning through auditory and visual stimuli. Advanced Classroom Technologies specializes in transforming the learning environment so that the stimuli those students are engaged in is the most audio responsive and visually compelling it can be. We use several different components to make sure classroom audio and video content is delivered in the most dynamic and effective way. Listed below are some featured products that we include in our classroom audio and video system upgrades.


Featured Products


Audio Enhancement Optimum Classroom System

Learning begins with hearing. That’s why Audio Enhancement, Inc. pioneered the wireless microphone system for learning environments. The microphone distributes the teacher’s natural voice throughout the room, so that every student can hear better. By wearing the microphone around their neck, teachers and students experience many benefits:

  • Teachers have less vocal strain since they no longer need to use their “teacher voice”
  • Adding sound amplification to classrooms can impact learning and improve test scores by 7-10%
  • Teachers have less need to repeat instructions due to increased student comprehension
  • Students are more involved and less disruptive, even during group work


Smart Technologies 2000 Series Display

The SMART Board 2000 series is designed for classrooms that need more than just a basic display.


Wireless screen-sharing and non-touch design make the 2000 series perfect for showing lessons and presentations from all sorts of devices. 4K Ultra HD resolution makes those same lessons and presentations look amazing.

  • Wireless screen sharing for Android, OS and Microsoft.
  • Students and teachers can show whatever is on their Android, iOS or Microsoft devices, and laptops on the display with a few easy steps.




ActivSoundBar is the perfect addition to any Promethean Interactive Display delivering crystal-clear, immersive sound to the classroom.

  • Simply plug ActivSoundBar into any interactive display and adjust the volume with the remote or front access controls.
  • The 2 x 20 W speakers provide a premium audio experience for every student in almost any sized K-12 classroom.
  • Mount it to the interactive display or on the wall. Either way, it looks and sounds amazing.

safari montage.png

Safari Montage Learning Object Repository

SAFARI Montage solves the technical challenges facing all school districts converting to digital instruction, including:

  • Delivering video efficiently to mobile devices without using internet bandwidth
  • Supporting interoperability for all district systems with Single Sign-On via LTI
  • Providing federated search access to educational publishers' digital resources (via Thin Common Cartridge), Google Drive & OneDrive, OERs and district-created learning objects
  • Interoperability through authentication via LDAP and Student Information System rostering via OneRoster
  • Mobile device support through conversion of learning object files to support any student or teacher device
  • Managing the digital classroom ecosystem with a digital endpoint driving the large display
  • Making IPTV and live streaming a managed and integrated learning tool throughout the district

Uses for the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository:

  1. Stock Google ClassroomMicrosoft Teams, and all of the leading LMSs with curated and created learning objects
  2. Establish an interoperable foundation for a K–12 Digital Learning Ecosystem
  3. Provide the most robust and refined Federated Search access to content from multiple sources via one interface
  4. Provide educators with high-quality instructional resources correlated to standards
  5. Power personalized learning using SMART learning objects to create playlists and lessons

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