k-12 Classroom Learning Software


Student collaboration is one of the most powerful learning tools a teacher can use in the classroom. Collaborative learning activities help to avoid singling out students who are having trouble with certain subject matter and makes it easier for others to participate in group discussion. When students work together, they are able to draw support from one another thereby creating a better understanding of curriculum per individual. Working as a team, thinking critically, and building trust are all lessons learned through student collaboration. These skills help students better prepare for the world of tomorrow. 

Software built on the foundation of interactive learning inspires students to collaborate while keeping them fully engaged in the curriculum. 

With so many options available, Advanced Classroom Technologies can help design a learning environment that encourages student collaboration using the most advanced learning software available. We lean on the software manufacturers below for support in our technology implementation process.


Smart Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite is designed to empower educators and amaze students by combining lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software into one ultimate education suite. It connects students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences. 

  • SMART Notebook® software comes with lesson creation tools, subject specific features and endless ways to wow students.

  • SMART Lab has an array of customizable activities and themes. It’s fun, engaging and you can access it from Notebook with one click.

  • SMART Response 2 is a quick and easy way to conduct formative assessments. Access it from Notebook with one click.

  • SMART Exchange houses 350,000 free resources and connects you to a community of educators. Access it directly from Notebook


Mimio Studio

MimioStudio™ classroom software powers all the MimioClassroom™ products, so using other tools, from the document camera to the pen tablet, is quick and easy. It also powers almost any interactive display, so you can bring dynamic learning to your classroom no matter what display you have. MimioStudio software allows educators to create interactive whiteboard lessons, collaborative and team activities, and perform real-time formative assessment. Take learning even further with the MimioMobile™ app, which allows group learning and collaboration on almost any device.

  • Teachers can create assessments with short-answer, short-essay, and numeric student responses, helping to gauge what students are comprehending.

  • Includes MimioStudio Gradebook, which automatically records multiple-choice, numeric, and short-answer responses to assessment questions, and eliminates the need for teachers to hand-grade tests.

  • MimioStudio software directly opens 3rd party content created in programs such as Smart Notebook, ActivInspire, PDF, IWB and PowerPoint without the need of a time-consuming conversion process.

  • ActivityWizard offers a built-in knowledge engine to help teachers generate educationally sound and engaging teaching activities in minutes.



ActivInspire is a collaborative lesson delivery software for interactive displays. Known and loved by educators around the world, ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons. Encourage students to work together with dual-user and multi-touch functionality for interactive displays.*Enhance your lesson delivery with unique engagement tools such as Spotlight Focus, Magic Ink, Equation Editor, and more. ActivInspire is available for Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems.

  • Use ActivInspire’s assortment of tools, images, and activities to bring lessons to life on your interactive display.

  • ActivInspire is available for Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems.

  • Visit the Learn Promethean Training Hub to discover new ActivInspire tips, tricks, videos, and more!



Designed by teachers for teachers, ClassFlow is cloud-based lesson delivery software with advanced collaboration tools for student engagement. Energize the classroom with interactive lessons, activities, quizzes, and millions of immersive resources from educators around the world.

  • Present engaging pen or touch-based lessons on ANY brand of interactive classroom display

  • Foster collaboration and self-management skills with FREE ClassFlow student accounts

  • Send quizzes, polls, and activities to students using laptops, Chromebooks™, tablets, smartphones, or learner response clickers

  • Save time with ready-made activities. Choose from lessons, ActivInspire Flipcharts, and more.

  • Recognize outstanding student behavior by sending digital badges to students and parents

  • Discover millions of interactive lessons, resources, and activities from educators around the world in the ClassFlow Marketplace