Interactive Panels

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Interactive displays have become the ideal technology solution for today's classroom. With the capability of enhancing the student experience through dynamic 4K content delivery, vibrant color, and extraordinary brightness that can be seen from every corner of the classroom, interactive displays are designed to captivate. The interactive components built in to each display helps encourage student engagement and collaboration. Coupled with a technology based learning software, interactive displays help students better prepare for the world of tomorrow. 

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The “Experience

The Elements” Prog

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Available in 65″ 4K, 70″ HD, 75″ 4K, & 86″ 4K

The award-winning ActivPanel is the premium interactive display for immersive learning, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom. ActivPanel delivers the industry’s most natural writing experience for teachers and students to collaborate with ease. The ActivPanel automatically detects differences between pen, touch, and palm erase, allowing teachers to teach efficiently without switching between software tools.



Smart Boards

Available in 65" 4K, 75" 4K, & 86" 4K 

The iconic hub of today's classroom now comes in several different models. Choose unrivaled interactive displays that bring devices, education software and lesson content together, or a display that simply lets you share your screen. No matter your decision, you can be certain it meets Smart's decades long standard of quality and innovation.



ProColor Panels

Available in 65", 70", 75", and 86"

Touch technology and collaboration brought to life, with the brilliance of Boxlight's high-definition and ultra high-definition LED flat panel Android displays. The ProColor interactive flat panel displays include the dynamic MimioStudio classroom software. It connects the Boxlight products, so using other tools—from the document camera to the pen tablet—is quick and easy. 


Interactive Projectors


Learning can be so much more engaging with interactive technology. These interactive projectors are cost effective solutions that have become more responsive, accurate and easy to use since there inception. Advanced Classroom Technologies has partnered with the industry leaders in interactive projector technology (Epson and Boxlight) to deliver comprehensive solutions to the school districts we serve. With many different options available to choose from, our team of educational consultants can help find the right interactive solution to suit every classroom's need.


Boxlight Interactive Projectors

Available in several Ultra Short Throw, Short Throw, and Standard Throw models

The P12 interactive projector line gives you Boxlight’s best and largest possible learning and collaborative area for your classroom, with images as large as 140 inches diagonal! The P12 ultra-short-throw projectors provide 10-touch interactivity or you can choose a pen-interactive model. If you select laser illumination, you will save both time and resources—there’s no lamp to fail or change, and an expected 20-year laser lifespan.



BrightLink Interactive Displays

Available in several 3LCD HD, Full HD Pro, Touch, and Pen Models

Transform your classroom into a collaborative learning space with the BrightLink 695Wi ultra short-throw WXGA interactive display. Featuring 3,500 lumens of color and white brightness1, the 695Wi delivers a dynamic, easy-to-read display up to 100" — from as close as 11" away. Turn almost any wall or existing whiteboard into an interactive workspace with touch-based interactivity — up to six users at once. Wirelessly display content from a variety of devices — including Chromebooks — using the Epson iProjection™2 App with Moderator device management software3. Plus, it includes a 1-year subscription and support for SMART Learning Suite.


Interactive Whiteboards


Providing multi-user interactivity through simultaneous touch points, computer connectivity for collaborative learning, and an ever present dry erase surface, interactive white boards (IWB) provide optimal viewing space and change the way teachers use their front of room space. Advanced Classroom Technologies has partnered with the most influential brands in interactive whiteboard technology. 




The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, dry-erase writing, and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction at an affordable price.



Mimio Space

The MimioSpace collaborative system creates an expansive 32-touch area with Touch 360° interactivity—all the way across this enormous interactive space. Students can work together in an area almost 11 ft wide and over 4 ft tall, making collaborative learning at the front of the classroom a reality. Team and collaborative work have never been so engaging!




The company that started the IWB revolution is still committed to focused learning, intuitive design and optimal control. Dual touch freestyle interaction. SMART Learning Suite. Smart's most user-friendly interactive whiteboard. Less curve, more learning. A cost effective solution to integrate interactive technology in the classroom.


Other Interactive Tools



Turn any whiteboard into a touch board using the MimioFrame touch board kit, allowing a teacher and multiple students to work together with 10-point Touch 360° interactivity—making collaborative learning at the front of the classroom a reality. The MimioFrame can be set up in minutes with a pre-existing whiteboard, projector and computer.




Interactive whiteboards can be expensive and complicated, and most must be permanently installed. Not anymore. Now teachers can place the small MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard on the dry erase boards they already have, push two buttons, and – just like that – they have a full-featured interactive whiteboard for a fraction of the cost of conventional fixed interactive whiteboards.



ProColor Touch Table

The ProColor touch screen table allows multiple students to work together for cooperative learning as teachers assist and guide to gain a better understanding of students’ comprehension. With the included MimioMobile™ Team application, students can work on interactive lessons and perform assessments. What’s more, the height-adjustable table makes learning accessible to all students.